Media Projects

Mitzi & The Muscletones©

A hip, interactive, animated web series for kids about a semi-­‐amnesiac alien, Mitzi, who lands on Earth and meets up with a group of local kids from the ‘hood whom she dubs, the “Muscletones”. Mitzi and the Muscletones combines adventure, fitness, and a rockin’ soundtrack to set the pace for a rollicking new way to get kids up off the couch! This is “LazyTown” with an urban spin and groove.

Art Party©

This is the ‘bad boy’ kid brother to Bravo’s “Work of Art” inspired by a hip, DIY generation! Art Party is an unscripted, urban series that invites talented artists and designers to roll up their sleeves and create a DIY party space out of an eclectic mix of found and random materials, culminating in a lively Art Party event.

Children's Books

Please inquire by email to read manuscript submissions.

Fly by Night©

Sanitation worker by day, “Fly On the Wall” by night: eyes bigley, P.I. Takes the buzz out of crime in the new “Film Noir” based animated series, Fly By Night.

The Little Patch of Greene©

Sam Greene, elderly and alone, lives with his cat in a dark, little, New York City apartment. He passes each day contently in the same mundane way. But Sam’s humdrum existence takes a turn when, one day, a little blade of grass peeks out through the concrete windowsill and begs for him to nurture it. One blade turns to many and eventually the grass fills the local park and Sam’s life with friendship and joy.

The Little Patch of Greene
Pauletta Brooks

Drip, Dab, Draw©

Drip, Dab, Draw is an unscripted game show in which children race to complete a variety of design assignments all within an allotted time. Using donated materials and addressing local and social issues of the city as the theme, teams compete to produce the coolest, wackiest, yet most profound projects.